About John's Scuba Shop

We are located in the Granite Dells just North of the roundabout on Hwy. 89.

About the owners:

John's Scuba Shop is owned by John and Cari Popp who have lived in the Prescott area since 1990. We have two children who are both certified divers.

John is a PADI Master Instructor/scuba shop owner who has successfully taught hundreds of students. He loves to help people who have reservations about diving and takes great pride in providing the best education possible. Once his students have completed  their training, they tend to share the same love and respect for the ocean that he has. It is John's approach that you only get certified once, so you might as well do it right......and have ALOT of fun while doing it! He also enjoys underwater photography.You can see many of his pictures on this website.

Cari Popp is a scuba shop owner/manager who makes sure the shop runs smoothly. She loves to dive in WARM water and travel as often as possible. Cari has her Master Diver certification.






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